Goswami Tulsidas

Press Reviews

Shekhar Sen's Goswami Tulsidas 'A memorable, mesmerising experience.' I had every intention of slipping away after half an hour. But I stayed on, glued to my seat and witnessed the 120-minute play written, acted and directed by the exceptionally gifted Shekhar Sen. Even if you are not a Ram bhakt or not interested in Bhakti Ras, the performance and presentation which happens to be Shekhar's first ever, coupled with his full-throated singing - have a spell binding effect on the viewers.- Screen May, 1998

Actor Director Shekhar Sen's solo performance is striking enough to make an atheist sit up. A sense of tranquility prevails as the poet saunt narrates his "jeevan gatha" and sings bhajans in melliflous tones. He is in communion with epic figures who seem omni present.- Statesman (Calcutta 9.10.98)

Goswami Tulsidas ..... Sampoorna pane Bharatiya rangmanchnoo natak chhe !- Mumbai Samachar 26th April, 1998 (Gujrati)

Seers' Songs... As the curtain rises Shekhar Sen proceeds to wow teh Delhi crowd. The pleasure also lies in discovery : this unknown bundle of talent touches a deep chord in our hearts as no one has dor a long time. He sings, he acts, he talks - on so simply and directly - and tells a story with a moral. He is capable of ... keeping his audience engrossed for over two hours.- India Today 22nd May, 2000

Katha Tulsidas ki Man bha gayee Jis Tarah Shekhar ne dhai Ghante tak akayle darshako ko bandhkar rakha, woh apne aapme abhootpurva tha ! Aisa laga mano Tulsi baba sakshat humain apni katha suna rahe ho!- Sanz Jansatta, 28th April, 1998


Press Reviews

Audience glued to their seat.... gave the actor a rousing ovation for nearly 15 minutes.- Times of India (Mumbai)

Hindi rangmanch par ek uplabdhi, ek adhyatmik sparsh.- Navbharat Times (Hindi)

Darshak do ghante tak Kabeer ki darshan sarita main gote lagaate rahe.- Vishwamitra (Hindi, Calcutta)

Mahaan rangmanch jeevanpat, ek sundar natyanubhav.- Loksatta (Marathi)

Geet Sangeet-thi Bhari Bhari Rajuwaat.- Mumbai Sanchar (Gujrati)

See it, the singing is a treat !- Free Press Journal (Mumbai)

Kabeer ke nagar main Kabeer ka sakaar hona Itihaas ko dohraana tha.- Amar Ujala (Hindi, Varanasi)

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