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'mono act musical play

Kabeer" This musical mono act play depicts exciting life story of great reformist, poet and philosopher “Kabeer”. 600 years ago, this legendary saint challenged deep-rooted social evils ailing the society. With 45 song sequences, this two hour long play unfolds making of this revolutionary social reformer who was discovered floating in a pond, on his day of birth, by a Muslim couple Neeru & Nima.

He grew in ancient holy city – Kashi amidst temples and mosques, only to discover deeply entrenched superstition propagated by religious leaders and priests. Play truly reflects influence of great saints like Guru Ramanand, Raidas, and Sheikh Fareed on Kabeer. Touching enactment of Kabeer’s marriage with Loyee, meeting with Sikandar Shah Lodhi and other incidences underlines Shekhar’s sterling performance. Sung in rich voice and supported by melodious music Kabeer’s poems, appropriately woven in the play, tenderly touch our soul. Mesmerized audience rediscovers Kabeer’s message of love and peace & religious harmony, a message that binds us together shedding religious hatred.

These plays were not only appreciated in abroad & elite circles of Metros But Shekhar Sen took Kabeer to small villages like Ayodhya, Kopa gunj, Maunath bhanjan, Salempur, Devaria, Basti, Gajipur, Ajamgarh, Kushi Nagar, Magahar, Balia, Balia, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Rauzagaon, etc. where each show draw an average crowd of 10-15000 people. A journey from "Kashi to Magahar" covered 14 free concerts in eastern UP.

List Of Lights

  • Profile 8 nos. (one profile on floor)
  • Par 12 nos. (two par on floor) (4 on wing stand)
  • Cyclorama helogen 5 piece 1000w on floor
  • Fresnal 2 (1000 watts)
  • Water effects 3 piece on floor
  • Fire effect light 1 piece on Floor
  • Power pack 24 channel dimmer
  • 1 Trusse
  • 2 baby stand
  • 1 table lamp

AUDIO VIDEO Requirement

  • 16 Channel Mixer (Allen Heath or Sound Craft)
  • 1 Good quality Effect Processor
  • 1 Lepel Mic Shure (UHF)
  • 2 Pcs Two way Foot Monitors
  • 1 Electric Supply Board on Stage
  • Output Speakers Set Up as per the Venue
  • 1 Stereo EP Jack
  • Good quality Equalizer (d.b.x / b. s. s) for P.A and Monitors
Imp Note : Please Avoid Mixers Like Ahuja, Studio Master, Yamaha M.G

Other important points

  • 3 platforms:
    • Width : 6' X 6' Height : 10 inch
    • Width : 6' x 4' Height: 10 inch
    • Width : 3' X 3' Height : 10 inch

    * all 3 platforms should be covered by jute (gani) cloths
  • Frame
    • 1 frame of 4ft x 7ft
    • 1 frame of 6ft x 7ft (no joints in center of frame)

    * all frames masked (covered) by Jute (Gani) cloth.
  • 5 Barricate : size 4ft X 2 ft (covered by jute cloth)
  • Background half black half white.
    • Width : 35 Feet
    • Width : 35 Feet
    • Height : 20 Feet

Audience glued to their seat.... gave the actor a rousing ovation for nearly 15 minutes.- Times of India (Mumbai)

Hindi rangmanch par ek uplabdhi, ek adhyatmik sparsh.- Navbharat Times (Hindi)

Darshak do ghante tak Kabeer ki darshan sarita main gote lagaate rahe.- Vishwamitra (Hindi, Calcutta)

Mahaan rangmanch jeevanpat, ek sundar natyanubhav.- Loksatta (Marathi)

Geet Sangeet-thi Bhari Bhari Rajuwaat.- Mumbai Sanchar (Gujrati)

See it, the singing is a treat !- Free Press Journal (Mumbai)

Kabeer ke nagar main Kabeer ka sakaar hona Itihaas ko dohraana tha.- Amar Ujala (Hindi, Varanasi)

office contacts

  • 201/1, Wildwood Park,
    Yari Road, Versova,
    Mumbai - 400 061 India.