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'mono act musical play

The greatest skill of an actor lies in drawing the audience almost effortlessly into the time-frame, circumstance and particular dilemma of the character he is portraying. The degree of success, of course, depending upon how completely he has poured his ‘local identity’ into that role. Journey with the multi-talented Shekhar Sen’smusical mono-act’s protagonist ‘Saahab’ into the highways and by-lanes of an average human being’s mind and heart and you will find yourself saluting the creative sensitivity of this writer-actor-singer-director, for Sen is able to make the agony and ecstasy of his ‘Everyman’ find many an echo in your own inscape too!

Shared in a chatty and therefore intimate style, Shekhar’s simple story of the ‘highs and lows’ peppering the life of a motherless boy from a small town grips your imagination as you go down nostalgia lane with this endearing character through his teen-traumas and youthful escapades, wince at his hurt and clap for his triumphs.

So much about the universality and global appeal of the content. What takes your breath away is the showcasing of this simple narrative in an enchanting array from our treasury of musical genres – folk, ghazal, geet, qawwali, bhajan, kirtan, even khayal and tappa- each enhancing a twist in the tale and each sung by Shekhar with bothfeeling and finesse!

A thematic departure from his earlier trilogy of larger-than-life poet-saints and revolutionaries – Tulsi, Kabeer, Vivekanand ,ShekarSen’s ‘Saahab’ is a statement of how an artistic imagination can soar seeking a fresh horizon, even as it unravels the ups and downs of a salt-of-the-earth, homespun hero.

List Of Lights

  • Profile: 8 Pcs with Iris (1pc on floor)
  • Par 64 Type: 12 Pcs (4 Pcs on wing stand)
  • Cyclorama halogen: 2 pcs on floor
  • Fresnal Baby 1000 watt: 4 pcs
  • LED/PALCO : 4 Pcs
  • 4 Power pack 24 channel slider
  • Wing stand: 5 Pcs
  • Table lamp: 1 Pcs
  • Trusse : 1 PC

AUDIO VIDEO Requirement

  • 16 Channel Mixer (Mllen heath, Sound craft)
  • 1 Good Quality Effect Processor
  • 1 Lepel Mic Shure (uhf)
  • 2 Two Way Foot Monitors
  • 1 Electric Supply Board for my Lepel Mic on Stage
  • Output Speaker set up as per Venue
  • 1 EP jack (3.5mm) for My Music Player
  • 1 Good Quality Equilizer
Please notice : Avoid mixers like ahuja, studio master, yamaha, m.

Stage & Set List

  • Usual Minimum Dimension of Stage Required
    • Width : 35 feet
    • Depth : 30 feet
    • Height: 20 feet
    • Front Curtain ( Down-Stage of the Stage)
    • 4 wings black (2left side & 2 right side)

  • Platforms: 4
    • Size 2 Pcs : 4 X 6 sq. ft. Height 10 inch (2pcs)
    • Size 2 Pcs. : 4 X 2 s.q ft. Height 10 inch (2Pcs)

    * all 5 platforms should be covered by black cloths
  • Frame : 2 NOS
    • Size: 6 X 7 ft. (1 Pc)
    • Size: 4 x 8 ft (1 Pc)

  • 1 TABLE
  • 1 CHAIR
  • 1 BOX/li>
  • All frames and Platforms mount by Black cloth.-BACKDROP - BLACK
    • Usual Minimum Dimension of Stage Required- Width:35feet, Depth:30feet, Height:20feet, Front Curtain ( Down-Stage of the Stage), 4 wings black (2left side & 2 right side)

Audience glued to their seat.... gave the actor a rousing ovation for nearly 15 minutes.- Times of India (Mumbai)

Hindi rangmanch par ek uplabdhi, ek adhyatmik sparsh.- Navbharat Times (Hindi)

Darshak do ghante tak Kabeer ki darshan sarita main gote lagaate rahe.- Vishwamitra (Hindi, Calcutta)

Mahaan rangmanch jeevanpat, ek sundar natyanubhav.- Loksatta (Marathi)

Geet Sangeet-thi Bhari Bhari Rajuwaat.- Mumbai Sanchar (Gujrati)

See it, the singing is a treat !- Free Press Journal (Mumbai)

Kabeer ke nagar main Kabeer ka sakaar hona Itihaas ko dohraana tha.- Amar Ujala (Hindi, Varanasi)

office contacts

  • 201/1, Wildwood Park,
    Yari Road, Versova,
    Mumbai - 400 061 India.