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Goswami Tulsidas

'mono act musical play

The story of a day becomes the history of a revered poet-saint’s lifetime when GoswamiTulsidas visits Planet Earth for 24 hours and shares invaluable vignettes from his fascinating life in this brilliant mono-actwritten, composed, directed and enacted by the reputed repository of varied talent - Shekhar Sen.

This 5-century-old tale of a destitute orphan who became immortalized as one of the greatest poets of India comes to the audience in an engaging arrangement of meaningful anecdotes and evergreen compositions rendered in Sen’s soulful voice. You thrill to the tale of this inspired reformer whose ire at the exploitation in the name of religion of ignorant have-nots found lyrical expression inRam- Charit-Manas - an Awadhi version of the Ramayan written especially for the masses and sung joyfully to date by devotees. As the dramatic narration gives us well-crafted glimpses of Tulsi’s life and work, 52 musical segments enliven the script, oftentempting us to sing along those much-loved lyrics.

Acclaimed on both the national and international stage, Shekhar Sen’sTulsiis a memorable must-watch production and an aesthetic reminder that in a world rampant with fundamentalist rage, the pen can indeed be mightier than the sword!

List Of Lights

  • Profile : 8 Pcs with Irish (2 Pcs on Floor)
  • Par 64 Type : 10 Pcs (6 Pcs at wing stand)
  • Cyclorama Halogen : 6 Pcs on Floor
  • Fresnel Baby 1000 Watt : 4 Pcs on Floor
  • Flicker : 1 Pcs
  • Water Effect : 2 Pcs on Floor
  • 4 Power Pack and 24 Channel Slider
  • Table Lamp : 1 Pcs
  • Wing Stand: 4 Pcs
  • Electric Extensions: 2
  • Truss 15 feet height

Audio Video Requirement

  • Good mixer of minimum 16 channels with amplifier.16 Channel Mixer (Allen Heath or Sound Craft)
  • 1 Good quality Effect Processor
  • 1 Lepel Mic Shure (UHF)
  • 2 Pcs Two way Foot Monitors
  • 1 Electric Supply Board on Stage
  • Output Speakers Set Up as per the Venue
  • 1 Stereo EP Jack
  • Good quality Equalizer (d.b.x / b. s. s) for P.A and Monitors

Imp Note : Please Avoid Mixers Like Ahuja, Studio Master, Yamaha M.G

Other important points

  • Platform (Risers) : 3 Pcs
  • Size 1 Pcs : 5 X 5 sq. ft. Height : 12 Inch
  • Size 1 Pcs : 5 X 4 sq. ft. Height : 12 Inch
  • Size 1 Pcs : 5 X 3 sq. ft. Height : 12 Inch

All platforms mount by Jute/Gani Cloth.

  • Barricate : 6 Pcs Size 3 Ft X 4 Ft
  • 1 Tulsi Plant
  • White Cyclorama in Background


    Minimum Dimension of Stage Required
  • Width : 35 Feet
  • Depth : 30 Feet
  • Height : 20 Feet

Download Technical Stage Layout

Audience glued to their seat.... gave the actor a rousing ovation for nearly 15 minutes.- Times of India (Mumbai)

Hindi rangmanch par ek uplabdhi, ek adhyatmik sparsh.- Navbharat Times (Hindi)

Darshak do ghante tak Kabeer ki darshan sarita main gote lagaate rahe.- Vishwamitra (Hindi, Calcutta)

Mahaan rangmanch jeevanpat, ek sundar natyanubhav.- Loksatta (Marathi)

Geet Sangeet-thi Bhari Bhari Rajuwaat.- Mumbai Sanchar (Gujrati)

See it, the singing is a treat !- Free Press Journal (Mumbai)

Kabeer ke nagar main Kabeer ka sakaar hona Itihaas ko dohraana tha.- Amar Ujala (Hindi, Varanasi)

office contacts

  • 201/1, Wildwood Park,
    Yari Road, Versova,
    Mumbai - 400 061 India.