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'mono act musical play

Packed with the fiery erudition, fierce patriotism,irrepressible energy and musical genius of a spiritual dynamo who was, is and forever will be an Immortal Inspiration for every Indian, Shekhar Sen’s2-hour long musical mono-act -Vivekanandis a befitting creative tribute to this youth icon and spirited son of Bharatmata!

Skilfully weaving 32 melodious song-sequences through the fact-based narrative, writer-singer-director - actor Sen takes the audience through the rivetting story of a rebel-saint – his childhood in an artistic but modest household, his exposure to the ideology of the BrahmoSamaj, his growing thirst to physically see God and his divinely ordained meeting with his Master - Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa – in short, the incredible transformation of the seekerNarendra into the towering visionary called Swami Vivekananda.

Equally appealing to both the intelligentsia and the spiritually inclined, Sen’s well-crafted presentation brings home both the global impact of the unforgettable 1893 Chicago address which put both India and the timeless wisdom of Hinduism on the world map and also revealed the limitless canvas of Vivekananda’s mind and heart - that razed all man-made walls and saw all inhabitants of this planet as members of a single Vasudhaivakutumbakam- Mother Earth’s family!

It is this astute mix of vivek and anand – this ability to stimulate the intelligence and stir the heart -that has earned kudos for this brilliant production on a world-platform.

List Of Lights

  • Profile 8 nos. (one profile on floor)
  • Par 12 nos. (one par on floor) (4 on wing stand)
  • Cyclorama helogen 1 nos.
  • Fresnal 2 (1000 watts)
  • Water effects 2 nos.
  • Power pack 24 channel dimmer
  • 1 BIG T truss
  • 2 Baby stand
  • 1 Table lamp

AUDIO VIDEO Requirement

  • Any good mixer ( SOUND CRAFT, ALLEN & HEATH OR PEAVEY) with 16 channel (it must have phono jack in )
  • 2 two way good quality foot monitors
  • 1 good quality effect processor ALLECIES OR YAMAHA)
  • 1 electric supply board for my lepal mic on stage
  • Output speakers set up as per venue
  • 1 EP jack for music player.
  • 1 good quality equilizer (d.b.x / b.s.s)
  • 1 Shure lepel microphone (uhf).
(Imp note: Please avoid mixers like Ahuja, Studio Master, Yamaha m.g)

Stage & Set List

  • Back drop - Black (matt)
  • 5 platforms:
    • Width : 5' X 5' Height : 10"
    • Width : 3' X 3' Height : 10"
    • Width : 5' X 4' Height : 10"
    • Width : 4' X 4' Height : 10"
    • Width : 2' X 4' Height : 10"

    * all 5 platforms should be covered by black cloths
  • Frame : 8 NOS
    • 1 frames of 4ft x 8ft
    • 3 frame of 4ft x 7ft
    • 2 frame of 4ft x 6ft
    • 2 frame of 6ft x 7ft

    * all frames masked by off white cloth
  • (if wings not available on stage than we need 4 nos. Black wings. Size 4 X 8 )
  • If venue is open ground than stage should be covered from Top (black cloth).
  • * for open stage we need 4 wings. Size 4ft x 10ft black cloth

Audience glued to their seat.... gave the actor a rousing ovation for nearly 15 minutes.- Times of India (Mumbai)

Hindi rangmanch par ek uplabdhi, ek adhyatmik sparsh.- Navbharat Times (Hindi)

Darshak do ghante tak Kabeer ki darshan sarita main gote lagaate rahe.- Vishwamitra (Hindi, Calcutta)

Mahaan rangmanch jeevanpat, ek sundar natyanubhav.- Loksatta (Marathi)

Geet Sangeet-thi Bhari Bhari Rajuwaat.- Mumbai Sanchar (Gujrati)

See it, the singing is a treat !- Free Press Journal (Mumbai)

Kabeer ke nagar main Kabeer ka sakaar hona Itihaas ko dohraana tha.- Amar Ujala (Hindi, Varanasi)

office contacts

  • 201/1, Wildwood Park,
    Yari Road, Versova,
    Mumbai - 400 061 India.